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I have been an active retreat leader for over twenty-five years.  I am a professionally trained retreat leader and chaplain, with a specific ministry to those seeking and in recovery. My passion, my energy and my own lived recovery, make my retreats engaging, meaningful and growth-filled. During these years I have served as a Retreat Master for Serenity Retreats, church groups, AA and Al-Anon recovery groups and am registered as a Matt Talbot Retreat Leader.  

I enjoy working with adults in their cultivation of spirituality and personal growth.  I am keenly aware of the inner workings of the soul and enjoy finding ways to invite people to listen and journey into the quiet sanctuary of their hearts.  I bring a richness and fullness to retreats by weaving the joys and brokenness of my own journey into the themes and handy work of God.

12 Step Retreats

I am an experienced Recovery Retreat Leader.  I love giving retreats to men and women seeking to strengthen their recovery with a deep dive into twelve step spirituality.  I know how to structure a weekend experience that engages the participants, while providing talks and one-on-one time for all to be enriched. 

I possess a solid understanding and grasp of the 12 step program and 12 Step Spirituality having had celebrated thirty-two years of continuous sobriety. My recovery retreats offer a rich substance of personal experiences and spiritual insight which can captivate audiences of varied spiritual levels, mixed religious backgrounds and different stages of recovery.

Examples of some past retreats and the themes used. 

  • God in Action 3, 7 and 11

  • The Joy of Living in Recovery

  • Care of God, Care of Self, Care of Others

  • Transparency in the 12 Steps

  • 12 Step Spirituality 

  • Healed, Whole and Holy: Woven in the 12 Steps

  • Women In Recovery Every Day:   Care of God, Care of Self, Care of Others (Step 3 "...over to the Care of God.")

  • Living MY LIFE One Day at a Time

  • Being Open, Present and Available to the God of my Understanding

Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Church and Community Retreats

My personal faith journey and spiritual insights enable me to offer rich substance to people of varied spiritual levels, mixed religious background and different stages of faith development. 


I can be contracted to lead retreats of various themes.  Because of my broad background I can create retreats to accommodate the needs of groups and/or communities. It can be a day retreat, an overnight retreat, and/or a weekend long retreat.  

Examples of some past retreats and the themes used. 

  • Spirituality: Cultivating a Rich and Active Prayer Life

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Developmental Stages of Faith (Fowler)

  • Praying with Scripture

  • The Desert Experience

  • “Communicating with God”

  • “Rekindle the Love Affair”

  • Being a Mary in a Martha World Retreat

  • 5 at Five (Friday evening retreats for the very busy people)

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