Pastoral Training in Twelve Step Recovery
This workshop is designed for pastors, clergy, chaplains and pastoral associates.  In this workshop you will begin to understand the various ways addiction presents itself in human behavior and in family systems.  A large portion of the training will focus on the spiritual foundation of the Twelve Step  program.  You will gain greater clarity to the universal spirituality of 12 Step recovery and obtain clear knowledge of how to aid others in utilizing this non-judgmental program of recovery. 
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Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a model I embrace and one which is popular in the profit and non-profit sector.  My workshops include many characteristic of the Servant Leadership model developed by Robert K. Greenleaf.  While the foundational elements of a good leader are standard, I have a way of framing them with concrete examples which make them relevant and experiential. 


The vigor and passion which I bring to these workshops, sparks audience interest and creates clear application and understanding of concepts.  My style of teaching is with examples, so I provide situational application for each characteristic.  This makes the leadership traits come alive and then retained due to the way it has been transmitted.  Those attending will not only have more clarity about their leadership skills, but will have new effective ways to apply them in their work.