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Leadership Workshop


Spirituality of Recovery

     The Spirituality of Recovery is really not that complicated.  

It really comes down to the need or hunger people have for wholeness. Identifying that need or hunger can get complicated, but spiritual leaders through the ages speak of this need for union and peace, within our boarders, inside.

    In their quest for 'peace inside' or wholeness, the addict or 
alcoholic picked up the wrong substance or behavior to find wholeness.  The Spirituality of Recovery is the journey back to wholeness.  

     This workshop/training provides practical ways to journey with the alcoholic or addict, as they find their way to wholeness.  It is an applied training which provides methods, readings and cites various authors, which will aid you in discussing and exploring spirituality.

     Being blessed with sobriety since 1989, I have had a lived experience in finding and embracing a spirituality which supports my recovery.  This journey has broadened my view of spirituality and how it is uniquely discovered and embrassed by each person. This workshop is designed to help each minister/clinician to feel confident and at ease in accompanying the person in recovery.

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Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Pastoral Training in Twelve Step 
Spirituality and Recovery
This workshop is designed for pastors, clergy, chaplains and pastoral associates.  In this workshop you will begin to understand the various ways addiction presents itself in human behavior and in family systems.  A large portion of the training will focus on the spiritual foundation of the Twelve Step  program.  You will gain greater clarity to the universal spirituality of 12 Step recovery and obtain clear knowledge of how to aid others in utilizing this non-judgmental program of recovery. 
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