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Leadership Workshop

Staff Training & Development

Exploring the role and application of spirituality in addiction and recovery.

     Spirituality is one critical element of recovery for long term recovery, as cited in the Cochran Gold Standard report of March 2020.  Yet many people working in the field of SUD, do not have the ability to discuss and/or engage clients with spirituality, as it relates to recovery. 

     This training will equip the staff to understand the effectiveness and use of spirituality in recovery as cited by Carl Jung, January 1961.  Staff will see beyond the use of mechanics of the steps and see the spiritual thread woven throughout the 12 steps.  By providing the staff with language and application of a Higher Power concept in recovery, the staff become agents of change; the clients then get traction with their recovery and 12 step application. 


Spiritual teachers often refer to the addict as wounded and this training offers a new way to view the addict.  Not enabling a 'victim role' but allowing for the acknowledgement and healing of wounds of the addict with a sense of dignity and beginning of wholeness within oneself.


     This training provides the staff with practical ways to journey with the client, as they find their way to wholeness.  It is an applied training which provides methods, readings and cites various authors, which will aid them in discussing and exploring spirituality with clients.

      This training is designed to help a clinicians feel confident and at ease in explaining the role of spirituality, as clients explore and embraces what spirituality works for them, thus strengthening their recovery beyond mechanics.

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Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Pastoral Training in Twelve Step 
Spirituality and Recovery
     This training is designed for pastors, clergy, chaplains and pastoral associates.  In this workshop you will begin to understand the various ways addiction presents itself in human behavior and in family systems.  A large portion of the training will focus on the spiritual foundation of the Twelve Step  program.  You will gain greater clarity to the universal spirituality of 12 Step recovery and obtain clear knowledge of how to aid others in utilizing this non-judgmental program of recovery.
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