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About Kathleen

Welcome to Kathleen McCauley’s
​Threads of Spirituality.

Here at Threads of Spirituality, Kathleen has accumulated her years of experience in ministry, prayer and recovery to offer various services to assist people journey in a happy, joyous and meaningful way. 

You will find on this website various ministries and programs to suit your need for retreats, programs and spiritual direction. The most essential criteria in the selection of an effective, genuine retreat leader and spiritual guide is the breadth and depth of their spiritual life.


Kathleen possesses a deep, mature and vibrant spirituality which she tries to share in all her ministry and work.  There is a contagious energy to her sharing and it will infect all who encounter her. You can often hear Kathleen say “I am spiritually spoiled and I don’t know why.”  She cherishes the depth of her spirituality and humbly shares the essence of her interior world with others.  She is committed to prayer, journaling and meditation, while trying daily to live “both/and” in balancing the domestic and spiritual demands of her life.

Kathleen is a Certified Recovery Specialist with thirty-five years of continuous sobriety.  She is a Commissioned/Ordained minister with the Federation of Christian Ministers and is a trained Chaplain with specific training with Substance Use Disorder population. Her knowledge of varied spiritual practices, combined with her extensive knowledge of Twelve Step applications, makes her one of the most sought out speakers in the recovery and healing field.

“Thank you for visiting Threads of Spirituality.  I hope you have found a spiritual thread which can serve your needs and advance your spiritual journey or that of your group. May the many threads of your life be woven in a happy, healthy and holy way which brings you joy and adds to the greater good.  Peace!”

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