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"Recovery, a journey to wholeness and healing...coming home to our authentic self."
Kathleen McCauley
recovery retreat leader

spirituality of recovery training

spiritual direction


Threads of Spirituality

Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality

Retreats provide precious time away to reflect, examine, and cherish: life, self, love and growth. Taking time out of your life 'to retreat', and nurture your prayer life, program and faith will benefit you and those around you. 

Retreats are created individually, offering various themes to accommodate the needs of groups and/or communities. Retreat formats available: Day retreats, overnight retreats, weekend long retreats and "5 at Five" (Friday evening retreats).

Spirituality of Recovery Workshops

Various workshops and trainings to aid anyone in 

ministry to better understand the role of spirituality

within recovery.  The goal of the trainings is to help 

all pastoral ministers better understand the origins of the alcoholics 'restless, irritable and discontent' spirit

that leads to addiction. 

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Friends Having Coffee
Recovery Coaching

Having a Recovery Coach can be the best way to
transition into recovery. Kathleen is a state Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with long term sobriety.  She can be available to you regularly as you navigate life as a clean and sober person. She believes in inspiring people with positive affirm-ation and encouragement.  

Spiritual Direction

Those who seek spiritual direction are souls hungry for more clarity, intimacy and growth.  The Lord is gracious and patient with those of us who are ‘serious seekers’.

Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality
Career Counseling

Examine your present circumstance and realign your passions, dreams and skills with your work and your life.

Christian Career Counseling is also available. This gives reverence and openness to prayer and call.

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