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Career Counseling

Typically, a person seeks career counseling when there is discontent with one’s work life or over all career choice. This flat or restless feeling with one’s career can affect all aspects of life so it is good and healthy to take time to address this general unhappiness to enhance life as a whole.

Seeking career counseling during these cross-roads in someone’s life is helpful.  It enables you to gain a broader perspective of all the contributing factors that influence this comprehensive experience of work.  Processing these decisions and career moves with someone is a sign of ones’ hunger for a more satisfying and fulfilling career and life.

Retreat Leader | Threads of Spirituality

Sometimes it is merely one’s desire for more balance in life/work activities which leads you to career counseling. Simple examination of the responsibilities, desires and time restraints can set you back into balance and align you with the meaningful elements in work, play, relationships and spirituality.

“I find it a privilege and an honor to explore the various options, values and possibilities in doing a career assessment.  Understanding the passions, dreams and gifts of an individual is exciting and I try to reverence all these aspects as you discern transitions.  As adults we often have an instinct or hunch as to our desired career moves, but often need someone to mirror back to us our true qualities, strengths and potential.  I see myself as that mirror, where I gently bring the focus back to your true, genuine, authentic self, which empowers you to make the appropriate adjustments to work and life circumstances.”

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